Transportation and distribution are a major component of the the value chain and imperative for the successful implementation of Risco’s long term business model. The moving of products from the supply location to the end customer on land and on sea is at the core of our business.

Risco will take part in developing land and maritime logistics businesses.

Terminals and storage facilities

As secondary and tertiary gas markets begin to emerge across a wide range of applications in the International gas markets and specifically the Asian region storage and infrastructure will play a key role.  As demand rises regionally a need for increased infrastructure beyond the current regional landscape will be important to sustain reliability in delivering products to our partners.  Risco by investing in the supply chain hope to facilitate an easier flow for our end-users.

Risco will look to invest, develop, manage key infrastructure to make a more efficient end-to-end chain.

Risco addresses the need of increasing gas market demand regionally and looks to invest in key infrastructure projects to make a more efficient end-to-end chain for our customers.

Power Generation

The Asian region, particularly South East Asia, has a rapidly growing demand for energy and the growth of the power sector is key to keep up with the expanding regional economies.

Risco will invest in power generation related projects to support this demand growth.  As global economies move to a more environmentally safe strategy we will aim to focus our investment approach on match this change.

Risco is targeting key regional growth in the power sector and will look to drive a successful power portfolio development.