Value Chain

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Risco Energy. Risco was formed in 2010 and is arguably Southeast Asia’s most successful energy investor. Risco’s motto is “channelling energy into action”.

At Risco Energy we define action as connecting capital into the oil and gas sector and making it work hard for our demanding investors. Our reach spans upstream (“Risco Upstream”) and mid and downstream oil and gas (“Risco Mid & Downstream”).

We aim to create exceptional value for our investors by channelling their funds into assets and projects, ensuring their success for all stakeholders with the foremost interest being maximising investor returns.

The Oil & Gas Value Chain & Risco’s focus  

Our upstream business focuses on production and development opportunities that contain appraisal and exploration upside. For more informationOur mid-stream business focuses on the transportation of, processing, storage and distribution of oil and gas. For more information

Who we are

Risco is an independent energy company focusing on the oil and gas sector. We combine premium sector financial, technical and corporate experience. At the core of our business is exploration, appraisal, development and production, logistics, shipping, storage, distribution, and power generation to create and execute reliable long term businesses.Risco originates, invests, develops, owns and operates energy assets across the Asian region. Our activities span along the entire virtual pipeline value chain from supply to end-user markets.

Risco is an independent energy company focusing on the oil and gas sector.


Risco is in a unique position to access and spearhead strategic oil and gas transactions in the region whilst enhancing the flow of products from producer to end-user.

In addition to upstream investments, Risco offers innovative and reliable solutions for building better supply chains for our customers.

Risco provides a variety of turn-key energy supply solutions from originating, designing or building, investing, to managing assets. At Risco, we work closely in cooperation with our partners as we seek to create additional value in all areas of the supply chain.

Risco is committed to creating and building long term relationships with all our partners by doing direct investments starting from the producer to the end-user to enhance each aspect across the value chain making it easier for our partners.

Risco is in a unique position to access and spearhead strategic oil and gas transactions

Corporate governance

At Risco, we’re proud of our reputation for doing the right thing and delivering on our promises. We hold ourselves to high standards.We foster a culture that values ethical behaviour and respect for others, while maintaining the highest level of corporate integrity.Good corporate governance underpins everything we do. All Risco staff and officers commit to the Risco Code of Conduct. This articulates the principles and values that are key to  our success.

The Risco Code Of Conduct

  • Being honest, behaving ethically and acting with integrity
  • Being respectful, fair and considerate in business dealings
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures at all times
  • Always apply common sense
  • Seek ways of doing things better
  • Respect the privacy of all parties
  • Respect and comply with local laws and traditions
  • Do not misuse company assets
  • Protect the confidentiality of company information
  • Perform duties in accordance with workplace safety requirements
  • Act in ways that minimize environmental impact
  • Act in the best interests of shareholders and investment partners
  • Avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest