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As we build our latest portfolio, we are working to realise our vision for aggressive growth and value delivery through intelligent, innovative and agile investment across ASEAN.

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Lion roars as Indonesian play 

Lion Energy Ltd is an ASX listed oil and gas company focused on Indonesia, where it has been operating for the past 15 years.

The business has two existing conventional Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) – Seram (East Indonesia) and South Block A (North Sumatra), a recently awarded conventional joint study in a highly prospective area, as well as an early mover position in the fledgling Indonesian unconventional industry via two completed Joint Study and two pending Joint study Applications (JSAs) in North and Central Sumatra.

Ready for action

We are now a 54.6% strategic shareholder in Lion Energy (LIO AU), which we recently restructured, recapitalized and reskilled in conjunction with Tower Energy (6.6% shareholder in LIO).

Lion’s reskilled management and aligned strategic investors have the commercial, technical and relationship capabilities to maintain a first mover advantage in Indonesia's emerging unconventional oil and gas industry.

The company is well funded and has access to the ASX, its strategic investors and capital markets to help fund incremental exploration.

A dual conventional and unconventional strategy

With a strong acreage footprint in Sumatra, Lion is now actively pursuing new opportunities in the region with a focus on production assets. The company is looking to secure high initial working interest positions and take operatorship in most of its blocks.

Along with plans to build it’s production base, Lion’s role as an Indonesian unconventional oil and gas pioneer is driven by several key factors. As the world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia’s energy demand is growing rapidly. Combined with growing global demand, upward pressure on energy prices in the region looks set to continue.

The Indonesian government is actively promoting exploration for unconventional oil and gas resources, providing an ideal regulatory backdrop for the development of the operation. Lion is now perfectly positioned to leverage its conventional exploration experience, infrastructure and market access in shale and tight gas and oil opportunities across the prolific Sumatran Basin. Significant operational and economic synergies also exist in leveraging its blocks conventional potential into unconventional.

Fast turnaround

2017 promises to be a big year for Lion with a schedule that includes comprehensive seismic evaluation, exploration drilling, appraisal wells and development drilling, as well as capturing JSAs.