Risco Insights Quarterly 2014/15 - No 2: Your window into ASEAN oil and gas

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Risco Insights Quarterly brings you diverse perspectives and informed analysis of the state of ASEAN oil and gas. Here we share insights from the Risco team and from our network of experts in finance, law, politics and operations. 

In this edition, we assess the potential upside for Thai oil & gas if it achieves territorial dispute resolution with Cambodia, Malaysia’s continued dynamism in courting investment via fiscal term evolution, as well as options to enhance Philippine oil & gas attractiveness. We spotlight the surprising pace of President Jokowi’s initial actions to improve Indonesia’s energy environment and its progress, together with Malaysia, in reducing ASEAN’s historic obsession with economically damaging fuel subsidies. 

The sharp drop in oil price to five year lows presents the global oil & gas industry with a challenging near term outlook and expectations of higher volatility as rising North American and unfettered OPEC supply search for equilibrium. As always, such change will present opportunities.

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