Risco Insights Quarterly 2014 - No 1: Your window into ASEAN oil and gas

Risco quarterly header


We’re thrilled to present the launch edition of Risco Insights, our new quarterly publication that brings you diverse and practical perspectives on the state of ASEAN oil and gas from industry participants, not just observers. It’s a first for the industry in this region, a space we’re thrilled to occupy and one that reflects our drive for realising new possibilities in Southeast Asia.

Investment in the Southeast Asian oil and gas industry is an inherently complex endeavour, requiring a careful alignment of economic, political, legal, resource and environmental factors, among many others. In each edition of Risco Insights we’ll be taking a deeper look at these complexities, leveraging our unrivalled experience in upstream oil and gas investing and the ASEAN region. We’ll also be drawing on our network of industry experts, bringing you perspectives on all facets of oil and gas in Southeast Asia including finance, law, politics, exploration, environment and operations.

In this inaugural issue, we’re exploring some of the industry’s most dominant themes – political change, regulatory uncertainty, energy deficits and the potential of unconventional resources.

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