Mory Houshmand

Mory has over 30 year’s experience in the energy industry, more specifically Power. Mory has led and developed up to 1200 MW of Power generation and Power management throughout U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Mory is an expert in energy storage, power plant development, distributed power and distributed energy application, IC engines, micro turbines, ORCs and other power technologies.

Mory has a substantial background in hydrocarbon processing, gas, LNG, IPP and related IT development. Mory has an extensive track record in gas-fired power plants, combined cycle plants, waste to energy and cogeneration projects development. Prior to joining RISCO Mory has held many senior executive positions within the Williams Energy Group and overall Power sector.

Mory was previously the founder and Managing director of Williams Distributive Power Services and CEO of Catalyst Energy Technologies Inc. Mory is a registered professional Engineer. Mory received a B.S. in Structural Engineering from University of Mississippi and a Master in Business Management from Westminster College.