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AG&P Risco

Risco Energy, the privately-owned energy investment company focusing on the oil and gas sector, has entered into a joint venture with AG&P, a global pioneer of modular infrastructure now at the forefront of developing integrated LNG receiving terminals and their supply chains.  AG&P RISCO is developing commercially compelling solutions across the LNG value chain to cater to the distributed energy requirements of stranded power, bunkering, mining, transportation and industrial users that are currently without access to an existing pipeline and transportation network.

AG&P RISCO is using proven technologies to develop highly efficient and fully integrated solutions for LNG terminals including LNG storage, transport, regasification and power, as well as last-mile delivery vehicles and vessels. AG&P RISCO’s unique approach eliminates complexity, accelerates schedule, reduces environmental impact and lowers overall costs, making it easier and more cost-efficient for customers to switch to LNG.